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Why blog as a Photographer?

I remember in the early days of the internet (blimey that makes me sound so old) blogs were quite a popular tool. In many ways they were the original Social Media of the time, letting people in to your world whilst you retaining the keys to the door.

Back then I didn't do photography seriously or for anything other than interest. The odd school play photo shoot or documenting my university work. Certainly there was no easy way to upload photos quickly and easily to the internet for the world to see, not from my trusty Minolta SLR.

Jump forward to now, and blogs are everywhere. Food, drink, hobbies, gadgets, you name it you can find a blog about it. But why would photography have a blog? It's a visual medium and the stories are told through the photos, no? Well yes, but my feeling is that a blog can help me grow as a photographer, analyse photos that I share and in between, share any tips or tricks I've learnt along the way.

I do a lot of travel and what I would call 'project' photography (where I have a specific request for something). Travel photos often and alone tell a story of the destination, but I read a book recently called 'Magnum Contact Sheets' by Kristen Lubben and I found it fascinating the photos before and after the 'one' you see. In my portfolio, I of course show the photos I feel are the best of my work, but what happened before, or how I got to that point or anything after, it's that sort of thing a blog is great to show and tell.

So this is day 1. Please let me know what you like, don't like or if there's anything you'd like to know (how I process photos, any guides or tips and so on). In the meantime I'll keep things diverse as best I can and hope you enjoy the content!

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