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I was given an ancient SLR when I was a kid, though back then I was more interested in the buttons and dials than photography. Much later I picked up an old Minolta Maxuum 7000 and loved how much more control it offered over a point-and-click. Back then my photos were mostly Theatrical Lighting and shows. I then started my love-affair with all things Canon, and still shoot on Canon to this day.

My preferred photographic style is reportage, candid, or documentary as I love the moments when people don't know you are taking a photo. I find it hard to categorise myself as I love all kinds of photography genres, and they all need something different. I like to get the client's input too as you never know where the next great idea could come from. I'd love to call myself an 'Adventure Photographer' when I'm older.

I am an exclusive photographer for iStock Getty Images, as well as published by Canon's EOS World Magazine. I also like drinking tea, playing with my kids, and taking the dog for a walk (with a camera).

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