Great photography isn't about the equipment you use or the amount of lenses you own, nor adding filters to images afterwards. Great photography comes from catching moments and emotion, just at the right time. The photo will tell a story as long as it exists and doesn't need translation, or explanation.

I wasn't always a photographer, but started in Theatre as a Lighting Designer. I was fascinated with light and shadow, which lead me to learn more about capturing it in the camera. The short version is that people started asking me to capture their stories and moments, and I found myself taking photos for others instead of just me. Sharing my images is just as rewarding as challenging myself to new styles and techniques. I have now been taking professional photos for over 10 years from Travel and Documentary to Weddings, Parties and Food imagery. 

Since those younger days, I am now an exclusive photographer for iStock Getty, as well as published by Canon's EOS World Magazine.

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