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I started my blog, then I had to leave Singapore meaning I haven't had much time to post anything new. The good news is I've nearly updated everything on my website and hope to get things back on track soon!

Leaving Singapore was a challenge and happened very fast. Due to the coronavirus, much of my main income was abruptly halted and looked like waiting in a lockdown would be quite expensive. So as a family we decided after 8 years in Asia we would go to economic safety back in the UK.

We came back at a good time (and bad) for photography. I forgot how pretty spring in in the UK, with Singapore not having seasons outside of "rain" and "no rain". There's so much to take photos of on walks, especially knowing you only have a small window of opportunity before things change again.

The downside is thst Covid-19 maintains its presence, and I can't do much beyond a walk in the woods or staying at home. However, with a few restrictions being lifted I'm looking at what can be done whilst maintaining the rules and social distance. Food and product shoots are no problem, but portraits, weddings and events will have to wait a while. I'm planning on some products I can offer which mean we can utilise the nice weather, or at least mean clinets don't have to stand outside too much.

I'll let you know how I get on!

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