You and Yours



That’s the question I ask myself whenever I spend time with the people who mean the world to me, and I can never think of a good answer.


The truth is that life is made up of those little moments, smiles, and sparks of magic that bring us all closer together. Over time they can fade, which is where I come in.


As a photographer specialising in authentic portraits and family shoots, I love nothing more than capturing a memory so you can treasure it for a lifetime.


Together we can shoot in any setting indoors or outdoors, shoot solo, or bring the whole family together like never before.


The choice is yours…





You may already have an idea of the photos and styles you like, or you may have seen something you like on social media or online. I try to match the style to your personality in any case, as this looks more genuine and personal.

Book a FREE consultation with me where we can discuss the ideas and what you'd like to get out of our time together. We'll also discuss which session package works for you (see below) and pencil in a date and time.

To secure the date, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking (unless agreed otherwise). The balance is payable no later than 24 hours prior.

No more than two weeks after our session, I'll send through a link to your online gallery. Here you can either shop for prints or digital files a la carte, or you can click HERE and choose a discounted bundle. That way if you only want 1 photo, that's all you're buying!



Often, photography prices can be quite confusing as the session doesn't always include the final images. To make this easier, I have broken my Portrait Prices into three steps. You can also contact me if you want something more customised to your budget and requirements such as makeup and hair services or a studio session.

Choose a session from below (indoor, outdoor or Follow-Along). This secures your photoshoot and a number of included elements.

Once these are uploaded to your personal private gallery, you can order prints, products or downloads directly from the gallery.

Please note I also have some AMAZING custom printed options not listed in the store such as
albums and wall art.

Alternatively, you can add on an image pack to save money. This is entirely optional and up to you!


USB Drive


A great choice for people who want to print their own images or use the photos for social media and email.​

The shot swill be sent to you on USB stick with a Personal Use License.

10 Images


25 Images


All Images (up to 50)


Image by Tim Mossholder


This gives you both the digital files on USB for personal use, as well as selecting a number of 10" x 8" (or smaller) printed versions chosen by you.

10 Digital + 5 Printed


25 Digital + 10 Printed


All images + 15 Printed


Wedding Photo Album


For the ultimate package, this includes the digital files on USB, printed 10"x8" copies of your chosen files and a beautiful lay-flat photo book with up to 20 photos.

10 Digital + 5 Printed + Book


25 Digital + 10 Printed + Book


All images + 15 Printed + Book



Indoor Session

This can be at home, office or other indoor space. Ideally suited to small families where we can do group shots and/or individual photos. Just to note that 'doorstep' and garden shoots are included under indoor. Please message me to enquire about Studio Sessions.

Session Includes:

  • Editing time for final images

  • Private gallery where you can order digital images or prints directly

  • Single 10" x 8" Print/Digital of your choice

  • My travel costs up to 20 miles from EH54

1 Hour (up to 4 people)


2 Hours (up to 6 people)



Outdoor Session

I will meet you at a location you choose. We can either shoot in a static location (we don't move too far) or if you opt for two hours we can try for 2 or 3 locations. You may also consider the 'Follow-Along' shoot package.

Session Includes:

  • Editing time for final images

  • Upload to a private gallery where you can order prints directly

  • Single 10"x8" Print/Digital of your choice

  • My travel costs up to 20 miles from EH54

1 Hour


2 Hours



Follow-Along Session

This is a great option to capture some candid shots of your family day out. I'll meet you at a rendezvous point, then as you'd guess, I'll follow along and capture your day out. This is great for couples and families and produces a much more natural-looking portrait.

Session Includes:

  • Editing time for final images

  • Upload to a private gallery where you can order prints directly

  • Single 10" x 8" Print/Digital of your choice

  • My travel costs up to 20 miles from EH54

2 Hours


4 Hours



What should I wear? How should I do my hair? Do I wear makeup?

These are probably the top three most asked questions. Of course, if you want to get the full VIP treatment (or if you are going for a solo portrait session), I can arrage a hair and makeup artist for the shoot. However, for most people, I recommend firstly wearing something you feel confident in. Nothing too 'busy' or that might need constant adjustment, but that you are comfrotable in. There's also nothing stopping you changing outfits either so long as we're within time! For hair and makeup, it's best to go with what you know. Simpler is better as it's easier to enhance simple makeup during the editing, and harder to tone things down. For family shoots, try to match formality, but not match outfits. Largely it might depend on the setting. We will of course cover this on the consultation and prior to the shoot also!

What if it rains and I booked an outdoor session?

Weather can be quite changeable in most places. There's a couple of options: 1. We re-scheulde the shoot. This would only be in the case of rain, storm or any unsafe weather. Of course blue skies looks great, but it's hard to adjust my diary based on clouds :) 2. We go ahead with the shoot! Switch the theme to a wet weather one and bring umbrellas and wellies. These actually look really good and a lot of fun if it isn't too cold. I recommend bringing a towel, bag and maybe a change of clothes too! 3. Switch to an indoor shoot. This is a simple switch, but ideally we decide this the day before so there isn't too much wasted time. In all cases, the session fee still needs to be paid no later than 2 days prior to the shoot.

How long until I can see the shots?

Though the shots in camera look great, all final photos will get edited to look the best they can. Generally this proess means going through all the photos taken, discarding ay that are blurred or where you might have blinked, then editing each one by hand. As a rough guide, please allow 2 weeks between the shoot and seeing your shots in your own gallery. If you need them sooner we can discuss that.

How long are the photos kept? Will the Gallery be accesible forever?

Your personal gallery will remain online for 30 days once you receive the link. In this time you can buy prints, buy full-size downloads and even share the gallery with your family and friends to order their own shots. Once the gallery is no longer online, I still arvhive all photos I take, so they will be available almost indefinitely. If you want to have the gallery stay online longer, I can arrange this for a small charge to help cover the space the files take up.