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Material / COLOUR


The album cover gives the first glimpse of the story that lies within. It sets the scene and remains as a backdrop as the album is held and viewed time and time again. Choose from beautiful cover materials selected for their quality and eco credentials, including vegan-friendly fabrics. Be inspired by the colour of bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers or the season itself. Let your creativity loose and select from a range of traditional and contemporary colours, materials ranging from leather through to 100% cotton fabrics.


Contemporary  Leather

The Contemporary Leather range includes 24 carefully-selected colours. Each shade has unique attributes but all are genuine leather of the finest quality and durability, sourced from manufacturers with strict animal welfare policies.

These not only looks amazing, but they are a joy to hold in your hands.


Pastel Fabric

The light and fresh Pastel Fabric range is a rayon-based material manufactured with the utmost attention to protecting and conserving natural resources. With the same eco-credentials as our Paste Fabric, the rayon-based Bold Fabric allows you to make a statement.